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Practical Application of Process FMEA

Process FMEA

The Process FMEA (PFMEA) is similar to the Design FMEA (DFMEA). FMEA Training should spend time on the pre-work required to do an efficient PFMEA. The Process Flow Diagram (PFD), with the incoming variation sources and the desired outcomes, is a prerequisite of PFMEA development. Although the PFMEA and PFD should correspond with one another, the FMEA does not have to be developed in the same sequence as the PFD. This is important because differing operations have varied risk coming in.

Past failure is also an input into PFMEA, either as Failure Modes, Effects, or Occurrence Rankings.

The Process FMEA training should also stress the inclusion of Special Characteristics, which come from the DFMEA. Special Characteristics should also be linked to the specific operations that create them. A characteristics matrix is a method which links and measures the impact of an operation when linked to the Special Characteristics.

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