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Other Tools Related to FMEA

FMEA has relationships with other risk tools. FMEA is a tool which cascades risk from system to subsystem to components with increasing detail. Training courses should describe the relationship between Failure Modes, Effects and Causes as they cascade through the FMEA levels. The FMEA cascade only brings the risk from a previous level to the next level. This limits the amount of items requiring detailed analysis.

Other Tools and Techniques Used or Related to FMEA

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Special Characteristics
  • Design for Assembly and Manufacturing (DFA / M)
  • Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) and FMEA
  • Role of FMEA Software
  • Reliability and Maintainability (Logistics Support)

Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Special Characteristics

FMEA Training should also include the extension of the outcomes to other product and process development activities. The special characteristics require special controls if the risk is still above an acceptable threshold. Statistical Process Control (SPC), Capability Studies, and Error Proofing are examples of controls.

Control Plan and FMEA

Control Plans are an extension of the Process Controls column on the FMEA document. FMEA Training would not be complete without a discussion on control plans and mapping the linkage between the two documents.

Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) and FMEA

Problems solving activities such as Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) must be included as well. Many people are unaware that the FMEA is a problem solving methodology which anticipates and addresses problems before they occur. Conversely, current / past problems must be included in FMEA development to improve the odds that they do not occur again.

FMEA Software

FMEA Software, Excel or commercially available programs can play a role in increasing the velocity of FMEA development. FMEA Training should stress that the FMEA strategy should not be determined by the software. The software should support the strategy.

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