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FMEA Process Overview

Voice of the Customer

Collecting the wants needs and desires in the class provides the instructor with specifics about the participants and provides an opportunity to answer questions.

FMEA Process Overview

  • What is Risk?
  • History and Purpose of FMEA
  • Standards and Guidelines to be followed
  • FMEA – Where it fits in the Product Development Process
  • System / Subsystem / Component Design FMEA
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Process FMEA
  • Machinery and Equipment FMEA
  • Typical Applications – Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Machinery, etc.

The FMEA Process Overview sets the baseline for leveling the playing field. Many participants will have some FMEA experience. Some may believe they are already experts, while others just learned what the acronym stands for.

The overview should introduce risk and its purpose in FMEA. Risk in FMEA is the combination of Severity and Occurrence. Risk Priority Number (RPN) is another popular risk measurement. Risk is the substitute for failure and is the primary measurement obtained by proper development. Without a good understanding of risk, the FMEA will never be more than a paperwork exercise that is filled out for checklist purposes.

The history of FMEA is included to understand the thinking that was present when FMEA was initially conceived. Many participants are surprised by the first users and the challenges they encountered. FMEA was a solution that is as applicable today as it was then.

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